Bouquet Thank You Greeting Card by Oana Befort

Oana Befort

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Thank you.

This A2 4.25" x 5.5" blank card features an image from an original painting by Oana Befort of Council Bluffs, Iowa. Environmentally friendly A2 envelope included.


Oana (pronounced "Wanna") Befort is a Romanian-born illustrator and designer, wife, and mother of two based in Council Bluffs, Iowa. Her mixed-media illustrations are hand-drawn and reflect her unique visual approach and love for the natural world.

Befort has enjoyed drawing since she was a little girl. Her enjoyment grew the more she practiced and learned. She studied decorative arts in high school, then went on to get her Master's in Graphic Design and Visual Communication at the National Art University of Bucharest.

I have always wanted to have an art-related job, but I never considered I could have a career in illustration up to the point where I started freelancing. I used to work in a large corporation/ad agency for a few years, and I gave up that path when I was expecting my son. Once I started freelancing, my work slowly morphed from graphic design focused projects to illustration projects. At this moment, my love for illustration and graphic design coexist.

Built around the idea of thoughtful connection and communication with loved ones, Oana's stationery line, Botanica Paper Co., is her creative outlet that reflects both her passion for illustration and design. Her work is rooted in the endless beauty of the natural world, botanicals, fauna, and the timeless folklore motifs of her Romanian roots.

Find more of Oana's work here.

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