Barrel-Fired 10" Vase by Chad Jerzak

Chad Jerzak

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Handmade by Chad Jerzak in Nowthen, Minnesota.

It measures approximately 10.5" tall and 4.75" in diameter. This item is not intended for food use.


Chad Jerzak creates hand-thrown decorative ceramic pieces with a variety of surfaces created through glaze and slips.

Working with clay since the young age of 15, Chad Jerzak has spent nearly 35 years exploring, teaching, and learning about clay and firing processes.  Spending time in the outdoors brings inspiration and motivation to his process.  Jerzak has found a great interest in exploring alternative and atmospheric firing methods as his signature style of choice.  

These forms are brought to life through the Raku firing process. This method of firing involves removing the work from the kiln, pit, saggar, or barrel while it is red-hot and flash cooling it in a combination of reduction materials (like sawdust) and water. This process interacts with the metal-rich glazes to produce a wide variety of colors and effects. The results are always exciting, and sometimes frustrating as the pieces may not always survive this rigorous process.

Raku and barrel fired ceramics allow for vast opportunities with clay and experimentation in how the atmosphere of the kiln and organic firing materials interact to produce a ceramic surface filled with depth and character.  The intimate relationship with fire and the unpredictable nature it brings allows for volatile results.  

I am greatly inspired by the forces of fire and the unpredictable nature it can bring to a clay surface.   I approach the experimental nature of raku and barrel firing as an adventure in clay. I enjoy learning what clay and fire do together to produce a mysterious presence.

Barrel fired work is fired for approximately 18 hours. This work is usually prepared with slips/burnished and wrapped in tin foil with salt soaked straw and fired on a bed of sawdust and mixed soft and hardwoods. All barrel fired work is sprayed with a sealer which completes its depth and shine.

Find more of Chad's work here.

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