Cherry Tea Nest Set by MoonSpoon


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Cherry Tea Nest Set, created by Jonathan and Julia Simons, of Kempton, Pennsylvania. Makes an excellent salt spoon!

This is a beautiful way to store or use the tea nest®-- the stand gives a place to set the tea nest® when the steeping is finished. The tea nest® cap keeps the tea hot for a longer time. When steeping is finished give the nest a little shake to remove excess water, then place into the tea nest® rest.

Made from solid Pennsylvania Cherry Wood--100% natural, with no dyes, resins or polymers. Their utensils are meticulously designed, cut, and then carefully hand-shaped. They are made with their own inventive wood cutting and sanding machines.

The MoonSpoon Original collection is inspired and designed by the natural world around us. It includes stars the moon, leaves, flowers, and more.

The MoonSpoon Gallery collection has more of an architectural look, inspired by balance and line.

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