Alchemy by Thomas Jewell-Vitale

Alchemy by Thomas Jewell-Vitale

Thomas Jewell-Vitale

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Abstract oil and wax painting titled "Alchemy" by Thomas Jewell-Vitale.

The total size of this piece is 24 x 26 in and is finished with glass, and a gold metal frame.

Thomas Jewell-Vitale is an artist who lives and works in Iowa where he is a Professor of Art at Loras College in Dubuque.

“In my paintings, the edges of shapes yield easily to the spaces around them. They create a variety of changing allegiances, sometimes simultaneously becoming one thing, sometimes another. Like sleight of hand, shapes live hiding, nestling, drifting, absorbed, material and immaterial. In these paintings, the images often have no clean cut boundaries and I came to realize that by avoiding them and by simulating light, intuitively, this is how I have tried to replicate mystery”.


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