Main Street Brews Reproduction by JoAnne Hauser Warren

Main Street Brews Reproduction by JoAnne Hauser Warren

JoAnn Hauser Warren

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My painting method is different from most watercolorists in that I mix my pigments directly on the paper rather than on the palette. While this method is more risky, it results in lively radiant color and keeps the painting process spontaneous. Once I've laid down my initial color I mix other hues into it right on the paper (while it's still wet) keeping my brushstrokes loose to avoid over mixing, letting the colors mix and mingle on their own, creating exciting luminous combinations while still maintaining a bit of their own separate identities. While I do plan ahead, I try to stay open to what is happening before me on the paper, going with the flow and letting it determine the direction the painting will take. For maximum impact I leave out any extraneous detail, push the envelope on color and overemphasize light and shadow to create a sense of drama. Hopefully I connect with the viewer moving them linger..relax..unwind..enjoy..remember..reflect..react......respond!

Limited edition giclee reproduction. 

Image size: 4.5 x 6.5”

Matted size: 8 x 10”

By the late JoAnne Hauser Warren, formerly of Cuba City, Wisconsin.



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