Word Snake 7 Puzzle by Creative Crafthouse

Creative Crafthouse

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Rotate blocks to find words on all 4 sides that together make a sentence. A unique Creative Crafthouse design. All hardwood blocks are deeply laser engraved.

The word snake stays in 1 piece, but the block will turn. Your goal is to find a 7 letter word or words on each side. There may be more than 1 possibility on a given side (see how many words you can find) but there is only 1 combination that will result in all 4 sides containing a word or words that when read together as the block is rotated form a sentence. It's a secret message in a sense. Can you find it?

This is also an item you could use as a Scrabble letter game. Rotate the blocks randomly and see how many words you can create from that block of letter.

Level of Difficulty: Level 3

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