Get My Goat Puzzle by Creative Crafthouse

Creative Crafthouse

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This is a sliding block puzzle where the object is to move the piece with the Goat on it to the position inside the cage. The cage must be intact with the Goat inside. It is moderately difficult with a minimum of 36 moves required if no mistakes are made. The puzzle dates from 1914. We saw a picture of the original puzzle in Jerry Slocum's "Puzzles Old and New" from 1987 and I just loved the look and the concept. This is all hardwood construction and the patterns are all deeply laser engraved. Its a beautiful puzzle to look at and should last forever. Comes with base and cover so you can keep all the pieces protected and even pickup a game later on where you left off. We also laser engraved the starting position of the puzzle into the cover so that you can put it back to the original starting orientation any time you want to start over. Made in their Hudson, Florida shop.

Level of Difficulty: Level 3

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