Silly Zoo Is All I Can Say by Troy and Barb Muilenburg

Silly Zoo Is All I Can Say by Troy and Barb Muilenburg

Troy Muilenburg

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There’s something special about the animals in the zoo and how they have fun in their very own way. It takes just one trip to the Silly Zoo to understand that even though the animals are so different from you and me they still like to have fun and be silly too!

The authors, Troy and Barb Muilenburg, give the audience some little known facts and still capture those funny little habits and playful ways of the zoo animals, that makes you realize that these animal families are very special. Just take a trip to the zoo and see how families enjoy themselves as they wander around the different animal habitats.

The book, Silly Zoo Is All I Can Say gives the reader a chance to learn new things about the different animals and to see how being silly and having a good laugh at the zoo can turn just another day into a day to cherish and remember. We all know how being silly and laughing together can create a bond with friends and family. Beautifully illustrated by Len DiSalvo. Fun facts and activity pages for additional learning opportunities.


Troy and Barb Muilenburg (authors) are award winning children’s book authors.  Silly Zoo Is All I Can Say was awarded Creative Child Magazine’s 2016 Book of the Year. Together they developed the Write Your Way program. This is a reading and writing program designed for Kindergarten thru 3rd grade.  Students read the book and then draw and write their own story their way about their favorite animal with the provided worksheets. Troy and Barb have 5 children who were their inspiration in writing and publishing children’s books. They currently reside in Iowa Falls, Iowa.


Len DiSalvo (illustrator) is an illustrator and animator for a wide range of print projects and award-winning computer games. He currently teaches art illustration and animation and lives in Austin, Texas.


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