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Me Museum: A Great Big Place Full of Awesome Activities, Exciting Exhibits and Astonishing Artwork by M.H. Clark.

It has come to our attention that most museums will not let you draw on the walls. And most museums will not let you make your own statues. And most museums are not actually all about you. Is this true?! Then the Me Museum is pretty much exactly unlike any other museum you've ever seen-- here you can do all of that, and then paint portraits of your favorite people, decide what's for lunch, create your own secret hideout, and then invite your family and friends to tour the whole building for themselves.

An excellent activity book for car trips, rainy days, or anytime that will become a keepsake for years to come.

Praise for Me Museum:

  • An appealing design and plenty of creative prompts provide ample opportunity for children to write, doodle, and reflect on who they are.--- Publisher's Weekly
  • Creative Child Awards, Book of the Year, Kids Activity Books (2017)
  • Creative Child Awards, Creative Paly Award, Promotes Creative Play (2017)

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