Chicken Gals by Bekah Ash

Chicken Gals by Bekah Ash

Bekah Ash

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This is an original oil painting by Bekah Ash of Iowa City, Iowa.

Canvas size: 12" x 12"

Sides of canvas are unfinished.


I have been fortunate to be surrounded by art and artists all my life. I attended The University of Iowa in Iowa City, Iowa for Art and Art Education. It was through my training in art education, and the process of learning about children’s experiences with art, that I was inspired to begin my own journey as an artist.  The freedom and confidence that children have when making art, so absorbed in the interaction, holds undeniable beauty.  The art they create stems directly from what is pertinent to their lives, and this proved a valuable lesson to me. I was an artist and K-6 art educator for around 20 years, starting in 2002, and I recently became a full-time artist.

I love both the immediate satisfaction and the journey it (painting) eventually takes over time. Painting allows me to explore color and portraits and to tell stories that people connect to. I prefer to work rather loosely and organically, allowing the portrait to evolve. My pieces are not about a particular, direct person but rather a compilation of people and experiences that I have brought together in a brand new way. Constantly creating, I have over 100 works in progress at any given time, rotating between pieces as layers dry. 

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